Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.

~Rachel Naomi Remen, MD Pioneer in Integrative Medicine


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Christina’s Words About Energy Healing, for those

The flow of energy is everywhere, in everything.

Unfamiliar with Energy Healing…

Energy is everywhere. All living things, including our bodies and our planet, have energy fields. It is by accessing the energy field that Integrative Energy Healing can assist people to integrate your body, mind and spirit. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy in the air – of someone who is very happy or very sad? Have you  felt the essence of a dear friend in your mind and later found out they had just passed away? Or talked to your plants, cleaned their leaves, and noticed how they grew more brilliant and appeared happier?  In the last 2 decades, more people have opened their

eyes to the metaphysical realms of life, and realized that there is much more to this world than what we see, do, hear and feel. The word ‘energy’ has many meanings. Think of hydro-electricity, solar, nuclear or electromagnetic fields. Energy plays a large role in modern medicine, such as in x-ray machines, MRIs, or ECGs. A fundamental way of looking at energy is to note its feeling, its flow, and its movement. Energy is the reason we grow and change. Our human energy field permeates and extends outward from the physical body. There is a constant flowing of energy needed to keep the heart beating, blood flowing and nerve impulses alive. If there is no energy, there is simply no life. Eastern traditional medicine has worked with ‘energy’ since its inception. The framework is based on the movement of ‘vital life energy’ or ‘chi,’ which is an expression of the electrical polarity in each of us. Polarity is a relationship of positive and negative charges that create energy flow. This is also known as yin and yang. An Integrative Energy Healing practitioner works with these concepts to bring energy back into balance. Our energy affects us on all levels – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. We experience life on those levels every single day. Our bodies carry emotional, cellular memory of every experience, even though the memory may be forgotten or repressed. As such, our bodies act like a computer, storing information. The hard-drive is energy and it often needs to “reboot!” In an energy healing session a powerful energy matrix is formed. This formation of energy accelerates healing by moving more energy. Because this matrix is a limitless field of information messages, insights and greater awareness can take place for both the client and the practitioner. This work provides an avenue to re-establish the relationship between the body and the mind. People quickly realize the benefits, mystery and unfolding that takes place during sessions and in the days after. Healing shifts your consciousness from the inside, while transforming your appearance to one that is more youthful and calm.

Familiar with Energy Healing…

Lotus - energy healing

A gift of awareness often blossoms with energy healing.

Many of you who have experienced energy work before know its myriad benefits, both inner and outer. I divide my work into three categories: 1) Mental and Emotional 2) Injuries 3) Raising Spiritual Vibration. – 1) Mental and Emotional support consists of assisting my clients toward their inward journey, connecting with the inner self and the wisdom it has to share. Many clients come with a history of birth trauma, abuse, loss, addiction, and a variety of emotional traumas.

Wisdom tells us that all the answers are within, embedded in a complex matrix of energy.

As my clients integrate with this work, they experience the gift of awareness. Some of their most inspiring, profound moments occur while shedding layers of the past. 2) Working with Injuries shows us that energy works through the soft and hard tissues of the body. It’s all-inclusive, sending electrical signals, moves more energy, helps reduce inflammation and pain. For soft tissue tears, clients describe a ‘sewing’ like feel of the soft tissue within minutes, this is primarily used for strains ans sprains. Balance is restored as much as the body allows at that time. The energy of the traumatic event can be stored in the bodies tissues and especially at the injury site. The importance of working through the bodies energy field after injuries, accidents or falls, alleviates the overall impact it has on the body, inclusively. 3) Raising Spiritual Vibration is a guided process for anyone wishing to become more centered in their energy body. This will raise awareness of where energy feels blocked, enables you to work through them, and fortifies your central channel to enhance connection to Divine Source. Connect to spirit guides, receive messages from beyond, or settle into deep meditation within just a few minutes.

Would you like to try a free guided meditation for helping you ground and settle your body? It is very helpful for anxiety and your inability to relax deeply on your own. Before getting started, get yourself comfortable, have a glass of water ready to consume afterwards and plan at least a half hour for the meditation. Here it is:


What People Are Saying After Sessions with Christina

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See Energy Healing with Christina/Testimonials for many more comments about Christina’s work.
Quick healing of my torn muscleExcruciating Pain is GoneMy son was finally born!Distance treatments by phone relieve post surgery discomfort.I am better able to deal with stress and addictions.
In my fitness training, I was doing an exercise that required me to hold onto a bench and jump over it side to side. I wasn’t supposed to lock my elbows but I did and I heard a twitching sound on my left tricep! I was done after that! I had it looked at by a massage therapist and it was determined that I had torn muscle. Christina worked on the injured area for about 5 minutes. I began to feel very relaxed and could feel on the location….. a pulse….. then it changed to a circlular sensation, then it felt like a zig zag stitch as if if was being sewed, I closed my eyes and could actually see a thread sewing the muscles back into it’s healed, perfect form! Christina asked me how I felt, I said ” I can see it healing with a thread and needle! The throbbing stopped and I feel a warm sensation on the upper trap”. Finishing it off, it was like a sheath of glue or a structural like material covered the stitching to the muscle. Then it was done. It has been 5 days and my arm has been on the mend since! Christina has the gift of healing like I’ve never seen before! Thank you so much for sharing your gift! ~ Rohia P., February 2015, Toronto, ON
I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist May 6th. Since then, bringing my hand up to my face to shave, caused excruciating pain, as well as limited movement and wearing a brace everyday for support. In August, Christina offered to help me out, she worked on my arm for roughly 15 minutes, holding it a few different positions, whatever she did, completely amazed me. Since then I have not worn my brace, can shave easily with no pain at all and I have a better range of motion. ~ Bill, 72, October 2012 Stouffville, ON
I was in my 41st week of pregnancy in the middle of July – very uncomfortable and anxious to deliver. To add to my frustration, I had endured 6 hours of false labor, only to have it stop suddenly. I was scheduled to be induced two days later, and wanted to avoid as much medical intervention as possible. At around 4:30 pm, Christina worked with me to establish an intention to deliver within the 12 hours following our session. To my surprise, I experienced a contraction 15 minutes into our session. At 8 pm, my labor began in earnest, and my son was born at 2:30 am, within the 12 hour window that Christina and I were working towards. Thank you, Christina! ~ Michelle Martin-Rhee, Aug. 2012
Christina has helped me in distance treatments over the phone. Most recent was after a Laporoscopy operation, I was in considerable pain and discomfort, shortly after. With Laporoscopy, Carbon dioxide (CO2) is put into the abdomen through a special needle that is inserted just below the navel, this gas is removed afterwards but, there was some remaining as Christina suggested that is causing the extra bloating pain. When she started to work on me I felt the gases moving dramatically, the end result after 20 minutes was released gases. I felt very relaxed and only feeling the tenderness after surgery and not all extra discomfort and pain. In the work I have done with Christina, she exhibits meduimship qualities and amazing healing abilities. ~ Jackie Bryant, June 2012
In studying energy work with Christina, I have learned to ground myself, enabling me to deal better with stressful situations, hypo-manic states and addictions. Christina’s field is grounding, loving, filled with movement and truly inspired! Christina has liberated the healing essence in me. She has also been a witness to my life situation enabling me to see clearly the reality I was creating, allowing me to take proactive steps to alter my life’s course for the better and for that I will be eternally grateful. ~ K.R. Brampton, ON
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  1. Hi Christina,

    My friend hair stylist Diana Osborne mentioned you to me and asked me to get in touch with you. I’ve been telling her my stories of healing with plant medicines (energy work too) and other spiritual adventures. She gave me your number and I’ve been meaning to get in touch..but life just got in the way. I’m finally making contact because I may be going to Cuba to make a fundraising film for a grass roots organization that is looking to fund a project working with families with autistic children in Cuba. It made me think of you. This is still in the planning stages but I thought I’d get in touch with you and provide you with the website (also in the beginning states) along with a link to my story and perhaps we can connect at some point. I know that this time of year is very busy but I hope we can get in touch at some point.

    Project in Cuba: http://www.zemiglobal.org/current-projects.html
    My story: http://offthedeepend.ca/blog/2015/07/23/waking-up/

    I hope you’re well and enjoying the season..