About Energy Healing Toronto

What Is Energy


Energy is everywhere. All living things, including our bodies and the Earth, have an energy field.  It is by accessing this energy field that Integrative Energy Healing can assist people to reunite body, mind and soul.

Have you have walked into a room and felt the energy in the air whether it was full of people or not? Felt the energy of a dear friend repeat in your mind and later find out they passed away? Talked to your plants, cleaned their leaves and noticed they grow more brilliant and appear happier?  In the last 2 decades, more people are opening their eyes to the metaphysical realms of life, and thinking there is much more to this world than what we see, do, hear and feel. The word ‘energy’ has many meanings, people think of hydro-electricity, solar, nuclear or electromagnetic fields. Energy even plays a large role modern medicine, in machines like x-rays, MRI’s, or ECG’s. A fundamental way of looking at energy is it’s a feeling, a flow, it’s movement, energy is the reason why we grow and change.

Our human energy field permeates and extends outward from the physical body. There is a constant flowing of energy needed to keep the heart beating, blood flowing and nerve impulses alive. If there is no energy, there is simply no life.

Energy is not bound by time or space, so working by distance is natural. Energy takes on multiple of frequencies in the body which creates its effectiveness. When we are feeling good, energy is flowing in balance.  But when we become ill, injured, or mentally or emotionally stressed, energy becomes sluggish or blocked.   We may feel miserable, in pain or stressed.


Why The Interest

Eastern traditional medicine has worked with energy since its inception.  The framework is based on the movement of ‘vital life energy’ or ‘Chi,’ which is an expression of the electrical polarity in each of us. Polarity is a relationship of a positive and a negative charge that creates energy flow.  This is also known as yin and yang. An Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner works with these concepts to bring energy back into balance.

Our energy affects us on all levels – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. We experience life on those levels every single day.  Our bodies carry an emotional, cellular memory of every experience, even though the memory may be forgotten or repressed.  As such, our bodies act like a computer, storing information.  The hard-drive is energy and it often needs to “reboot!”

In an energy healing session both by distance or in person, a powerful energy matrix is formed. This formation of energy happens between two humans with the intent to assist and encourage the natural healing ability of the body to be accelerated or awakened. Within this time the energy is formed, and during the session, messages, insights and greater awareness takes place for both the client and the practitioner. Distance healing can provide a more powerful experience.

Energy healing provides an avenue to re-establish the relationship between our bodies, minds and the higher frequencies of energy among us. People quickly realize the benefits, mystery and unfolding that takes place. This level of healing shifts consciousness, from the inside and on the surface level, changes appearance, looking younger and softer.

People seek help because they want to change, they want to heal the inner conflicts or wounding within them that has created the person they are today. Alternatively, they want to discover why a life altering illness has manifested in their body. For others, it is bringing the body back into alignment after a car accident or traumatic injury. In the process they can come away with deep levels of healing and a deeper understanding of the ‘self’.


Christina is a certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and a Reflexologist. She has studied, Iridology, nutrition and is currently studying registered massage therapy.  Her work with ‘energy’ started as a personal pursuit in her 20’s, long before she attended school and became a certified practitioner. Christina says working with energy is an evolution, describing it as being in a level of consciousness that brings total and complete awareness to all accessible energies around us. Testimonials can be read on Christina’s testimonials page.




“ You got me back into my life journey. I experienced my life was something else than it appeared to be. It made me explore a part of me that was hidden and it was like a roller coaster. My inner life took off and rolling from one awareness into another. Now, I feel that this work is the only thing in life that really matters. The feeling better physically is not as important to me as the fact that I feel more in contact with the infinite.”Ina J. California